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Weifang Coastal Huateng Water Industry Co., Ltd.. is located in Haineng Project Area, Longchi Town, Changyi City. Its sewage disposal plant is built to dispose with sewage in the development zone of Longchi Town, Changyi City. For the moment, sewage in the development zone of Longchi Town, Changyi City is production waste water from companies based in the development zone of Longchi Town, Changyi City. With constant pouring of companies and elevated standards on environmental preservation standards, the original disposal technologies can’t satisfy emission requirements. Following 386 governance requirements of a higher authority, the company decides to upgrade and reform the original utilities. 
Phase I Sewage Disposal Plant of Weifang Coastal Huateng Water Industry Co., Ltd. has a construction scale of 10000 tons per day. It is decided that Fenton advanced oxidation technology is added on the ground of AO disposal technology of sewage to ensure results of sewage disposal and ensure standard emission. 
All solid wastes produced by the project are delivered to the environmental health office garbage landfill for dumping. 
In March, 2014, Jinan Lutai Environmental Preservation Co., Ltd. was appointed to design the upgrading plan and put into operation. It was completed and put into trial operation in June 2014.
The company assigns special managers to be responsible for operation, maintenance of devices and check of water quality. Special people are responsible for each operational round and work post. Detailed post responsibilities are made for factory head and employees. Such management systems as Regulations on Safety of Sewage Disposal Plant, Rules in Labs and Rules on Operation of Labs are enacted. 

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