20 years of development, build a better prospect


With a total investment of 100 million yuan, the project covers an area of 11,000 mu. Phase I of the project is located in the east of the Weihe River levee, and covers an area of 3,624 mu. Since starting the construction in April of this year, the land adjustment has been completed, and now, 600 mu mulberry trees are planted. In addition, its overall planning and design are being conducted by a famous design company; and Phase II is located in the west of the Weihe River levee, and covers an area of 8,055 mu. It is planned to start construction at the end of 2018. Led by the name card “Silk Culture”, and with the featured planting as the main entry point, we focus on cultivating and expanding mulberry silkworm and related industries, and spare no effort to build a demonstration area integrating the development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industry. 
In terms of function division, the whole mulberry field is divided into fruit mulberry and leaf mulberry planting regions. In the fruit mulberry planting region, leisure agriculture is prioritized, with the supporting construction of mulberry picking experience park and recreational functional area where people can experience the joy of picking, and also feel the historical and cultural deposits of silkworm breeding and silk reeling while they are playing. At the same time, we package and process the mulberries, build a high-quality mulberry brand, and produce mulberry wine and other high-end health care products, to increase the output earnings. We develop dried mulberries, fruit juice, mulberry wine and mulberry yogurts around mulberries, develop silkworm DIY experience, silk reeling and silkworm protein extraction and processing, cosmetics and masks around mulberry silkworms, and develop mulberry leaf tea and feed manufacturing around mulberry leaves.
In the leaf mulberry planting region, we mainly develop the silkworm breeding and silk reeling technologies, give play to the traditional technical advantages in mulberry planting, silkworm breeding and silk reeling in Changyi City, and extend the silk industrial chain to the raw material link, so as to improve the supply structure, increase land output benefits, and increase the peasants’ income. In terms of industry integration, driven by this project, we launch and implement a construction project of silk travel featured towns with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, and strive to develop a characteristic industry focusing on the leisure agriculture, folk-custom experience, silk culture and sightseeing tour, so as to realize the integrative development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industry, build a “mulberry recreation and silkworm entertainment” service industry brand base, and actively construct the national-level ecological efficient sightseeing agriculture demonstration zone and the urban circle leisure collecting and distributing center. 

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