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2010 Year 

2007 Year 

2008 Year 

Nanyu combined transport in Changyi City-February 9, 2003 (freight)

Freight agent, consultancy of transport information, cargo warehousing, assembling and assembling

Weifang Coastal Huateng Water Co., Ltd.-April 17, 2008

Comprehensive disposal of sewage, environmental protection career technical services

2006 Year 

Changyi Zhongjia Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.-March 21, 2006

It produces and sells printing, printing textile, beddings, cargo import and export

Weifang Yuhang Macao Doulao Hotel Co., Ltd.-April 27, 2010

Dining, guest room

2011 Year


Weifang Xinkuan Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.-August 2, 2011

Aniline project

Uganda Sunlight Belt International Logistics Co., Ltd.-October 13, 2011

International transport and logistics 

Weifang Huateng Printing Textile Co., Ltd.-April 29, 2007

It produces and sells printing, printing textile, bedding, cargo import and export

2013 Year

 Linyi Huateng Property Co., Ltd.-January 22, 2013

Real estate development and sales

Uganda Huateng International Printing Textile Co., Ltd.-February 22, 2017

Printing, dyeing, production and sales

2003 Year

2017 Year

Shandong Aikesilun Fruit Technologies Co., Ltd.-May 11, 2017

Planting wholesale, in-depth processing of nontoxic fruits, cheery, gardening fruits; ecological agricultural

tour-sighting, pick-up, leisure travel, holiday-spending and agricultural dining   


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