20 years of development, build a better prospect


In the coast of Shandong province wide wrapped sits enjoy the "Chinese silk town" reputation Changyi, 1992, an obscure company was born here, after more than 20 contained in the hustle and ups and downs, the company from just Several people began to develop into more than 1,600 today, employees from a single motor transport the beginning, the development of today, logistics, printing and dyeing weaving, sewage treatment, catering hotels, real estate development, chemical industry, international logistics, international trade and Uganda production and sales in one of the group of companies!
Complementary advantages, and more without complex, internal and external development, which is a true portrayal of Titan Group chain. Under the Group has limited Changyi City, south Yu intermodal Co., Ltd. Weifang Huateng weaving and dyeing, weaving and dyeing in the best Ltd Changyi, Weifang Binhai Titan Water Co., Ltd Linyi Huateng, Weifang Xin Crown Chemical The company, Weifang Aerospace Macau beans fishing Hotels Ltd., Changyi Hanson Chemical Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia color Erlian City Sunshine Import & Export Co., Sun Belt Uganda and Uganda Huateng International Logistics Co., Ltd., the international weaving and dyeing The strength of more than a dozen subsidiaries. Group's broad range of transportation and international trade; weaving and dyeing, chemical products and water purification; hotels and restaurants, real estate development and steel profiles, such as the Group of industrial division of labor, each other to rely on internal, external collaborate, multi-sector, multi-field , multi-industry joint development. This makes the Titan Group achieve leapfrog development of three-dimensional set of raw materials production, product development, product transportation and sales of four in one.
Titan Titan Group of Weifang weaving and dyeing company mainly produces all kinds of polyester, cotton and cotton printing and dyeing cloth. Our products are of good quality, excellent reputation, and the smooth tip the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia and other markets, operating income amounted to 300 million yuan.

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