20 years of development, build a better prospect


A company on development and sales of real estate, Linyi Huateng Property Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) has the aptitude of real estate development. Founded in January 2013, it is located in the northwest corner at the intersection of Yihe Road and Mengshan Thoroughfare in Luozhuang District, Linyi City. It has a registered capital of 30 million Yuan (26.25 million Yuan from Gao Junbo, 3.75 million Yuan from Li Changsong). It is affiliated to Weifang Huateng Group. Its business range covers real estate development and sales, printing textile, weaving, pollutant water disposal, international logistics and trade, chemical engineering, mining, hotel operation and management. Following the management model of the modern company system and by observing the operational means for system of limited liability companies, it has formed a company team with unity that is bold enough to make explorations. 
With project development as the dominance, the company is developing its comprehensive business tower project in South Shandong International Tea Expo Town at the intersection of Yihe Road and Mengshan Avanue in Luozhuang District, Linyi City. Project planning, initiation, land reclaiming and planning have been completed. The project plans to cover 18000 square meters of land and a floorage of 59688.1 square meters. It has 24 above-ground floors and 1 underground floor. Its main body was capped at the year’s end of 2014. The project has 5 certificates and its permit for presale was approved by Linyi Department of Housing Management on Nov. 30, 2014 with code as (tentative) presales certificate No.2014345. It covers a total area of 58140.07 square meters and has a number of 1207 houses. Its areas for malls cover 25280.76 square meters and have 752 houses. It covers 24178.32 square meters for the 5th to the 24th floors and covers 455 sets of houses. (1) type A house covers 55.7 square meters and has 80 sets. (2) type B house has 65.22 square meters and has 120 sets; (3) type C house has 45.76 square meters and has 56 houses; type D house is 48.20 square meters and has 79 sets; type E house is 47.19 square meters and has 40 sets; type F type is 27.04 square meters and has 56 sets; and type G house is 84.66 square meters and has 24 sets.     
At the same time, to cater to demands of marketing economy, the company and the group company are actively exploring the new mindset for real estate development, extend operation sectors and put provision of qualified products as its own mission. The company has been sticking to ‘people-centered’ designing mindset, forging new fashion for dwelling and consumption and creating a new feeling for accommodation. Synthetic business tower of South Shandong International Tea Expo Town invested and built by the company perfectly exhibits new space for modern city life with its novel designing, unique model and outstanding environment. It creates a perfect, safe, comfortable, convenient, civilized and high-qualified living environment to dwellers and operators. The project, upon completion, will be dedicated to supporting services of Tea Expo Town and its surrounding commercial wholesales market. By then, it would introduce large-scale supermarkets, shopping centers, chain convenience stores and high-end private chambers. 
The company is also dedicated to becoming a professional operator and providing qualified, handy and valid services to merchants. With integrity as the basis and customers as the core, it intends to create a comfortable and harmonious shopping environment. The company has rich operational experience, extensive business resources and pragmatic operation teams. It requires that all employees provide ‘comfortable, considerate and secured’ management services to lessees. 

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