20 years of development, build a better prospect


Weifang Macao Doulao Hotel joined Zhejiang Triumph Macao Doulao Holding Group on April 20, 2010. As an independently-running franchised store, ‘Macao Doulao’ was originated from Macao. ‘Duolao’ does not signify bean products as it literally implies. It signifies that all people work together to glean fortune and signifies good luck and happiness. Macao Doulao sticks to the essence of hot pot and mixes deep sea luck all over the world to the ancient featured soup with mystical method. With scientific allotment following modern technology, Macao Doulao accomplishes dignified hot pot culture carrying urban features. Over 80% of ingredients are imported from the place of origin by air. They do not carry greasy feeling in both food and soup. It is light, free from oil or smoke nutrient and refreshing. It is a green and healthy food suitable throughout the year. 

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