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Recent orders for textiles and clothing in the short single

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2017/08/30 14:35
By rising labor costs, lower order rates affect the completion of other aspects of textile export enterprises mostly in short order based. These short orders directly reduces export profits of enterprises, in order to raise prices, the textile export enterprises began to focus on the brand, the high-end market moving.
Companies can not take a long single
"Recently, the labor cost is relatively high rises, many textile export enterprises are afraid to take a long single, mainly concern the staff could not be completed on time apparel orders, will result in loss of business." Garment export enterprises in Hangzhou, a responsible person exclaimed. Reporters learned that labor costs, business recruitment difficult problem plaguing many garment exporters. "Enterprise recruit workers not to be the biggest problem." Guangzhou, a clothing company in charge of foreign trade, said Wang, currently the company's employees, mostly workers over the age of 35, more than 20-year-old worker is very small. "Now, workers' wage demands are high, even to meet the wage demands of workers are hard to find young workers." Mr. Wang said.
It is understood that most of the textile export enterprises in the hands of the orders are for less than one month, or in short order from 1 to 3 months, 6 months or more orders for long very scarce. "From our point of view enterprises to participate in the trade fair, overseas buyers mostly short orders, fewer orders for long. These short orders and small orders can help us at any time based on market feedback to adjust product mix, the large orders for does not have this advantage. Moreover, small orders can adapt to changes in the product market. "Just finished in 115th Canton Fair Hubei rich Mega Textile Co. official said. In addition, the international market economic environment, consumer purchasing power is not strong, the market demand is limited, foreign buyers prefer short order is also an helpless. "
Pay attention to high-end brand embarked
Textile export enterprises take a lot of short orders, which in short order compared with the long-orders, so that corporate profits have fallen significantly. In order to increase the export profits of enterprises, more and more companies began to focus on the textile export brand development, marching to the high-end market. "At present, China's garment industry accounts for a small share of the global market trends, coupled with China's garment industry, raw material prices, labor costs, various grim situation compels us to accelerate the transformation and upgrading. Our approach is to design innovative products Strict, to build their own brands. "Leader Import & Export Co., said Maloney rooftop. "Our company has its own R & D center, to create an international brand with national characteristics. In addition, the company is also committed to continuously improve the technical equipment of the device. The company already has a full set of imported CAD (computer aided design system), automatic cropping systems and other world-class production equipment, a comprehensive equipment level is relatively high. "relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Boni Dan Garments Co., said. "Our company has strengthened the design and development of new fabrics, etc., from this year's situation, orders in Europe and America can be." Leader Lu Thai Textile Co., Ltd., said.
To cut production costs, some textile export enterprises will order the transfer to the low labor cost regions. Import and Export Co., the person in charge of foreign trade business Hooley chapter in an interview said that as the textile and garment manufacturing in Shanghai high cost, the company has orders to Zhejiang some offer relatively low processing plant on behalf of Orient International Holding Shanghai Knitwear, At present, the main South America and other emerging markets such as Brazil under a single more active customers in emerging markets.
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