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China's textile and fabrics are entering the "small time"

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2017/08/30 14:36
In previous years, the domestic textile and garment industry throughout the chain, the weakest link in the fabric. Fabric companies often lack During the design inspiration, find the exact location in the finishing process is often not handled properly, such questions are severely restrict the sustainable development of China's high-end clothing industry. This lack of a direct impact on the fabric part of the textile and clothing industry downstream development, resulting in a huge gap between China's textile and clothing and Paris, Tokyo, Milan, New York and other cities of fashion. In addition, with the growing consumer demand for personalized evident that the current textile and apparel industry, product updates faster and faster, and now a clothing from the shelves to the frame are often only 1 to 2 months, and popular fashion life cycle is more short-lived.
Although China is the world's largest textile producer and exporter, with a complete industrial chain from raw materials to the finished product, but the current plight of the textile industry are in excess capacity, plus now the growing consumer demand for personalized, this series The factors that are driving the industry to a small but fine fabric development mode transformation and upgrading.
So, be aware of this part of the domestic fabric suppliers are accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional textile patterns from the creative, design, capital of the characteristics of modern textile patterns, they resort to various new technologies, will return thousands of jacquard category into several categories, with the entire fabric of ERP systems product design, development, production and sales process integration, to achieve the production of standardized intelligence and automation. This shift can make small batches of products with the goods on a production machine, and gradually build up a set of small-volume, variety and scale of production.
Not long ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to develop a "textile industry" second five "development plan" is also clear that enterprises should speed up the new fabric dyeing, printing, finishing after a versatile, automatic control and online monitoring technology application in the printing industry . This plan to further promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises fabric, took a small but excellent development.
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